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Hers Privacy Policy

Personal Information Usage Purpose

We only store and use the provided information to complete the mandated task, dispatching brochure or company information, and anything accompanying your action.

Security of the personal information

We are aweare of the responsiility of keeping your data secured and confidential at all times. We protect your personal information from any illegal access, loss, destruction and manipulation by executing rational provision.
We will never disclose your personal information to the third party except in circumstances, such as, a suit and an investigation based on legal requirement from the court.
Although we may publish statistic data of access analysis on our website and brochure, we will never investigate a particular individual and neither disclose or publish it to the third party. Collecting the information is not aiming to investigate a particular individual.

Collection of the personal information

We will never collect personal information except request from the user, such as, question and brochure. All information you provide us would be regarded as consent to provide personal information.

Modification of policy

We have the right to modify our private policy at anytime by our own conference and the latest status will be displayed on the website.