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UV-C light air sterilisers ”MEDIUV”

Design Division|2023

UV-Cライト空気除菌機 "MEDIUV"

UV-C light air sterilisers ”MEDIUV”


従来の空気清浄機のように、フィルターで空気を“濾す” 空気清浄機ではなく、空気中のウイルスや細菌そのものを不活化する空気「除菌」機です。

リアルメタルの上質感が空間に映える 操作音でも品質の高さを表現


光の色で直感的に空気の状態を把握 全方位へ放たれる光でどこからでも確認

室内の空気汚染を判断するための一つの指標である二酸化炭素濃度(厚生労働省のガイドラインによる二酸化炭素濃度区分) に基づいて、LED ランプの色により室内の空気の状態を示します。LED イルミネーションは外観デザインの一部にもなっており、直感的に空気の状態を把握できます。また光は360度全方向に放射されるため、部屋のどこからでも確認することができます。

細菌やウイルスを99% 抑制※1 新型コロナにも有効

吸引した空気に深紫外線(UV-C) を照射し、細菌やウイルスのDNA・RNA の螺旋構造を変化させ、不活化。増殖を抑制します。その効果は、20畳を約55分で99.9% 除菌 ※1
新型コロナへの有効性も確認されています ※2。
※1約250Lの密閉試験空間で浮遊菌数を測定。運転モード「強」。対象:1 種の菌。環境により効果は異なります。
※2 山口大学との共同評価試験による

DESIGN INTELLIGENCE AWARD 2023 Merit Recognition 受賞


Shape the germicidal power of deep ultraviolet light.

This is not an air purifier that “filters” the air like conventional air purifiers, but an air “steriliser” that inactivates viruses and bacteria in the air itself.
It is equipped with a germicidal lamp using deep ultraviolet UV-C, which has high germicidal power and has been used in medical institutions and has been proven effective against new coronas.

Real metal quality looks good in a space High quality is also expressed in the operating sound

The moist and soothing surface of real metal with a dull shine harmonises well with luxurious spaces where high quality is required, such as high-class hotels and Japanese-style rooms with tatami mats. The power on/off sound and button operation sounds were developed in collaboration with a musician, based on the concept of ‘expressing a sense of quality through sound’.

Intuitive air quality by colour of light Check from anywhere with light emitted in all directions

The LED illumination is also part of the exterior design, providing an intuitive overview of the air quality. The light radiates 360° in all directions and can be seen from anywhere in the room.

99% control of bacteria and viruses*1 Effective against the COVID-19.

Deep ultraviolet (UV-C) irradiation of the aspirated air changes the helical structure of the DNA and RNA of bacteria and viruses, rendering them inactive. The growth of bacteria and viruses is inhibited. The effect is 99.9% sterilisation of 20 tatami mats in about 55 minutes *1.
The effectiveness against new corona has also been confirmed *2.

*1 The number of suspended bacteria was measured in a sealed test space of approximately 250 litres. Operation mode “High”. Target: 1 type of bacteria. Effectiveness varies depending on the environment.
2 Based on joint evaluation tests with Yamaguchi University.

  • Year : 2023
  • Category : Design Division