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Digital automatic Sphygmomanometer “spot arm HEM-1000”

Design Division|2004

血圧計スポットアーム HEM-1000

Digital automatic Sphygmomanometer “spot arm HEM-1000”







Good Design Award 2004受賞

Create the correct measurement posture by simply passing your arm through it.

A universal design home blood pressure monitor based on ergonomic research. By adopting the industry’s first forward movable arm band and elbow rest, the correct measurement posture is promoted just by passing the arm. In addition, our original fully automatic wrap-around arm band realized equal pressure by sensing and controlling two air bags according to the thickness and shape of the arm. Furthermore, it is equipped with the functions of detecting “irregular pulse wave” and “body movement during measurement” to enable easy and accurate blood pressure measurement tailored to each individual.

The “movable arm band” creates the correct measurement posture simply by passing your arm through it.

The correct measurement posture is essential for obtaining correct measurement results. With the “movable arm band”, the arm band itself swings when the arm is passed through it. The arm band itself swings when the arm is passed through it, holding the upper arm at an optimal angle and keeping the elbow rest in a stable measuring posture. This makes blood pressure measurement easier and more accurate for everyone.

Optimal pressure to suit each individual’s arm

Two air bags apply even pressure to the arm, and the arm band wraps tightly around the arm. Two air bags apply uniform pressure to the arm, and the arm band is tightly wrapped around the arm. It is suitable for almost 100% of Japanese arms, from thick to thin, and can measure blood pressure accurately by optimal pressure.



  • Year : 2004
  • Category : Design Division
  • Client : OMRON HEALTHCARE Co., Ltd.