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Automatic hand sanitisation dispensers for hotels and public spaces ”PROTEGATE”

Design Division|2021

ホテル・公共空間向け 自動手指消毒ディスペンサー ”PROTEGATE"

Automatic hand sanitisation dispensers for hotels and public spaces ”PROTEGATE”





Automatic hand sanitisation dispensers that harmonise with the space

The dispenser automatically dispenses the disinfectant solution by simply presenting the hand. The automatic system reduces the risk of cross-contamination and enables hygienic hand disinfection. The main unit design aims to harmonise with calm and luxurious spaces such as hotels and restaurants, while at the same time achieving a high level of usability and ease of maintenance, so that anyone can see the intended use.
The design was designed to be simple and not too rigid, with the theme of not disturbing the impression of a calm or luxurious space. The housing displays a pictogram that clearly indicates hand disinfection, so that its use can be understood at a glance. The position where the disinfectant is discharged is illuminated so that the user can intuitively know where to put his or her hand. The nozzle is sloped to allow smooth hand insertion, and a louvre-type cover is provided over the chemical receptacle to prevent the user from seeing the accumulated chemicals. In terms of maintenance, as a large amount of disinfectant is expected to be consumed, space is provided inside the cabinet for two large-capacity 5 L chemical tanks, reducing the number of times the chemical tanks need to be replaced. The chemical tank installation platform slides forward, making it possible to replace heavy chemical tanks in a smart way. In addition, an LED flashes when the remaining liquid level is low so that the operator knows in advance when to change the chemical tank.


  • Year : 2021
  • Category : Design Division
  • Client : Saraya Co., Ltd.