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Metal net hammock “floate”.

Design Division|2023

金属ネット製 ハンモック "floate"

Metal net hammock “floate”.




金網製のハンモックネット + 耐水性の高いアルカリフェノール樹脂を用いた合板の木製フレーム(100%植林木のラトビア産ホワイトバーチ)で、高い耐候性を実現。安全面を担保できることから、商業施設や公共施設での採用も可能になりました。


従来のひし形金網は23mm の細かさまでしか加工出来ず、インダストリアル感の強い素材です。共和鋼業の技術である「極細目ひし形金網」を用いることにより、ハードな印象を抑え、木フレームを組み合わせインテリアとの調和を図りました。さらに、ファブリックや枕をコーディネートすることで寝心地をカスタマイズすることも可能です。



A different kind of ride, one that doesn’t rock from side to side, one that doesn’t envelop you.

The structure does not sway from side to side to make it easier to get in and out. The secondary curved surface means that the metal does not compress the body and gives a feeling of freedom, as if it is floating rather than enveloping. It is available in two sizes: single and double.

High weather resistance due to water-resistant materials

Wire mesh hammock net + plywood wooden frame (100% plantation-grown Latvian white birch) with water-resistant alkali phenolic resin for high weather resistance. The ability to guarantee safety aspects has made it possible to adopt the system in commercial and public facilities.

Designed to harmonise with interiors

Conventional rhombus wire mesh can only be processed to a fineness of 23 mm and has a strong industrial feel. By using Kyowa Kogyo’s technology of ‘extra-fine rhombus wire mesh’, the hard impression is reduced and the wooden frame is combined to harmonise with the interior. Furthermore, the sleeping comfort can be customised by coordinating fabrics and pillows.

Composition of components for easy storage

The frame assembly structure is made up of simple parts for ease of storage. The net section can also be rolled up for space-saving storage and compact transport.

  • Year : 2023
  • Category : Design Division
  • Client : KYOWA KOGYO CO., LTD.