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Heavy Metal Detector AQSCIL TG01

Design Fund Division|2020

重金属測定器 AQSCIL TG01

Heavy Metal Detector AQSCIL TG01




  • 測りたい現場ですぐに測定が可能
  • 専門の技術者が不要
  • 検体の前処理が不要
  • 10分で計測可能
  • 低コストの使い捨てチップによる簡単メンテナンス


Design Intelligence Award Silver賞

The world’s first water quality meter that can measure heavy metals, which cause environmental pollution and contamination, on the spot

Heavy metal contamination of water and soil is now widespread in many parts of the world, and exposure to excessive environmental pollution caused by heavy metals is causing extensive damage to human health and the environment. However, accurate measurement of heavy metal levels is a time-consuming and costly process that must be carried out by large testing machines in specialist laboratories.

Features of the AQSCIL heavy metal detector

  • Quick and easy measurement anywhere
  • No need for specialized technicians
  • No sample preparation is required.
  • Measurable in 10 minutes.
  • Easy maintenance with low-cost disposable tips

There is no need to pre-treat specimens, and measurement can be done in about 10 minutes by aspirating specimens directly at the site. With the simple operation of aspirating with the dedicated chip, even non-specialists can perform highly accurate water quality tests. Also, by realizing an inexpensive chip replacement system, we aim to prevent pollution caused by heavy metals by spreading the system widely to developing countries where environmental pollution is a problem.

Design Intelligence Award Silver Prize

  • Year : 2020
  • Category : Design Fund Division
  • Client : Techno Global Corp.