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Under-sink type Water Purifier

Design Division|2019


Under-sink type Water Purifier







Water Purifier Body

The most important point in the design is the sloped UI surface, which is designed for easy viewing when standing in the kitchen, considering that water purifiers stored under the sink are often looked down on from the top. Every time you open the door under the kitchen, the LED indicator of the water purifier will be in view, so you will never miss the time to change the filter. The design is wrapped with a thick frame that gives it a three-dimensional look, while the smooth curved surface that leads from the UI surface to the sides gives it a soft impression. The smooth curved surface from the UI surface to the sides gives a soft impression. Furthermore, the lid is made to look as if it is floating, so that the user can feel the lightness of the mass. It is not only beautiful, but also designed to be an optimal shape for use in various situations.



In order to enhance the visibility and operability of the touch panel, the top surface has a gentle slope that lowers toward the front. In order to harmonize with the design of the main body of the water purifier, the control panel has a seamless shape as if it were wrapped in a single sheet, giving it an iconic yet slim appearance.


  • Year : 2019
  • Category : Design Division
  • Client : 352 Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd.