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Stroller “OPTIA”by Aprica

Design Division|2016

ベビーカー Aprica “OPTIA”

Stroller “OPTIA”by Aprica











A high-grade stroller that has been rebuilt from the ground up with all the necessary elements for a stroller.

The name of the product comes from the word “Optimize. The name of the product comes from the word “Optimize”, which means to optimize the baby’s environment, and our goal was to create the best stroller for babies by using the best specifications ever achieved, with a focus on the form and appearance, as well as ease of use.

New under-basket accessible from all sides.

Easy to put in even when a lot of luggage is facing you. The large basket with a space capacity of 34.7 liters.

Exceptional breathability

The all-mesh seat and the air vents in the body (double thermo system) ensure a comfortable ride in all seasons.

Minimizes vibration from the ground

The caster suspension and seat suspension double up to reduce even the smallest vibration. Up to 40% reduction compared to conventional products is achieved.

Water Repellent Effect

The water-repellent hood is resistant to pollen and dust, and will protect your baby from sudden rain.

  • Year : 2016
  • Category : Design Division
  • Client : Newell Brands Japan G.K.