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Sensor to notify waking up and leaving the bed “mittell”

Design Division|2019

起床・離床センサー "mittell"

Sensor to notify waking up and leaving the bed “mittell”



Good Design Award 2019


A sense of security to watch over and be watched over

This is a design project for a wake-up/leave sensor that identifies and notifies the status of facility users in hospitals and nursing homes to prevent falls and haikyo. The camera and infrared LEDs are hidden by a smoked panel, and the heat radiation fins, which tend to give a hard image, are placed inside the back of the device to prevent the users from feeling as if they are being monitored. In order to avoid the hard, cold image of industrial products, we adopted a soft, curved shape, aiming for a “form that does not make conscious”.


  • Year : 2019
  • Category : Design Division
  • Client : GIC Co., LTD.