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Rotating Bending Fatigue Testing Machine

Design Division|2013


Rotating Bending Fatigue Testing Machine


GIGA QUADは、素材の回転曲げ疲労強度を計測する試験装置です。試験片に所定の荷重を与えながら回転させ、素材破断までの回転数で疲労強度を計測します。他社製品は通常1台の試験機で1本の試験片のみの計測に対し、4本の試験片を同時に計測でき、短時間で多くの試験データを収集することが可能です。さらに様々な環境下で試験ができる腐食オプションも一体型標準装備で、従来製品に比べコンパクトにまとめられています。スイッチ類はタッチパネル式の操作画面に集約し、直観的なインターフェースを構築。より快適な、安全で信頼性の高い研究環境を実現しています。

Good Design Award 2013  ベスト100 / ものづくりデザイン賞 受賞



Neat Appearance and Intuitive Interface

The GIGA QUAD is a testing system for measuring the rotating bending fatigue strength of materials. The test specimen is rotated while applying a specified load, and the fatigue strength is measured by the number of revolutions until the material breaks. While other companies’ products usually measure only one specimen with one testing machine, this system can measure four specimens simultaneously, making it possible to collect a lot of test data in a short time. It is also equipped with an integrated corrosion option as standard, which allows testing in a variety of environments, and is more compact than conventional products. Switches are integrated into the touch panel operation screen to create an intuitive interface. This provides a more comfortable, safe, and reliable research environment.

Good Design Award  2013  BEST 100 / Award of Small and Medium enterprises

  • Year : 2013
  • Category : Design Division