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Plastic Bottle Compressor”PET&ECO(PETANCO)”

Design Division|2013


Plastic Bottle Compressor”PET&ECO(PETANCO)”





かさばり手間がかかるため採算性が悪く、公的サービスに依っている使用済PETボトルの回収の事業化を実現する。 地元の資源再生業者が主体となり、本製品を地域内の児童施設に貸し出すことで巡回回収のネットワークを構築する。業者には材料の安定供給、自治体にはコスト削減、児童施設には社会学習機会、子供たちにはリサイクル品のプレゼントなどのメリットが生まれる。

自治体が手間とコストをかけて回収したPETボトルは海外業者に買い取られることが多く、資源と公的コストの流出、エコとしての実効性が問題になっている。 本製品を用いた資源再生業者による事業化で、リサイクル率アップ、運搬コストと環境負荷の削減、工程の透明化、高付加価値の再製品化、地域事業化による地域活性などの効果が期待できる。

It is a playground equipment for children to crush PET bottles. This is a social experiment to solve the problem of recycling PET bottles, which are bulky and unprofitable due to the collection of PET bottles at a loss by local governments, the outflow of PET materials overseas due to price fluctuations and non-recyclable waste. PET bottles collected by children at nursery schools and other facilities are crushed by this device. The bottles are then collected directly by a recycler, which solves the cost problem and leads to effective eco-recycling. The children will receive recycled PET products (felt fabric and other educational materials) as a thank you. As the product is to be used by children, emphasis was placed on a safe and durable design and intuitive operation and mechanism.


Safe construction with a handle that locks when the lid is opened and a lid that locks when the handle is moved. The distance and position of the exit and compression mechanism prevent accidents such as finger clipping. The use of body weight and increased force enables a 3 year old to crush a strong PET bottle. Clear operation and feedback, such as the recessed handle on the lid, the colour scheme and contrast of the handle and the fact that the crushed bottle slides out. The strong and simple metal frame withstands rough use by children and is long-lasting.

By involving children in the process of sorting, collecting, crushing and handing over the waste from their daily lives to the recyclers, it is an opportunity for them to develop their ability to maintain their living environment and their scientific and social observation skills and wisdom. Children’s social participation in beautification and recycling can become a norm for the whole community.

Commercialisation of the collection of used PET bottles, which is not profitable due to its bulk and time consuming nature, and which depends on public services. A local recycler will take the lead in setting up a network of mobile collections by lending the product to children’s homes in the area. This will provide a stable supply of materials for the supplier, cost savings for the municipality, social learning opportunities for the children’s facilities, and gifts of recycled goods for the children.

PET bottles collected by local authorities at great expense are often bought by overseas companies, resulting in a drain on resources, public costs and ecological effectiveness. The commercialisation of this product by resource recyclers is expected to increase recycling rates, reduce transport costs and environmental impact, make the process more transparent, create high value-added recycled products, and revitalise local communities through local commercialisation.

  • Year : 2013
  • Category : Design Division
  • Client : Q-ho Metal Works