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Partition “falce”

Design DivisionMETAPHYS Division|2006

パーティション "falce"

Partition “falce”



GOOD DESIGN AWARD 2005 中小企業長官特別賞受賞
大阪デザインセンター グッドデザイン 2006 住・生活環境デザイン部門 最優秀賞
大阪デザインセンター グッドデザイン 2006 年間最優秀賞


mental space concept

We came up with a system that allows more flexibility in space utilization by changing the color image of the partition speedily by dressing the fabric cover on the aluminum frame base, or by freely combining straight and curved lines.
By looking at mental efficiency rather than spatial efficiency, a new concept of office space is created.

  • Year : 2006
  • Category : Design DivisionMETAPHYS Division
  • Client : METAPHYS + morita aluminum industry ,inc.