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Note Cover Series “NOLTY”

Design Division|2015


Note Cover Series “NOLTY”




A series of diary jackets to connect people and organizers

We analyzed the daily activities of using a diary, such as opening and writing in it, carrying it around, and storing documents and other small items in it. Our goal was to create a jacket that can be used without any unnecessary movement by “designing for action” to review the user’s gestures.

This series of jackets has a high storage capacity and is compatible with B6 size notebooks. In order to support your writing comfortably, we have thoroughly reviewed the functions of conventional notebook covers. The flat pocket, which is common to the series, allows you to neatly store small items, business cards, documents, etc., and minimizes the difference between the two pockets, so that you can comfortably write on the paper. The simple type is size-adjustable to accommodate pens of a wide range of sizes, and fits inside the jacket to protect the pen while not damaging other objects with the pen tip. The pen case type features a pen case and jacket in one, for extra storage. The lineup also includes a binder-type system organizer that supports refills, taking into consideration the various ways of using the product.


  • Year : 2015
  • Category : Design Division
  • Client : NOLTY