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micro titan series

Design Division|2012


micro titan series

どんなに優れたデザインの眼鏡でも、掛け心地が悪ければユーザーを満足させることは出来ません。 しかし、それらが両方備わることで、決して手放すことが出来ない愛着のもてる製品となります。福井県鯖江の優れた加工技術により、難易度の高い”βチタン”を駆使し、軽さと強度、デザイン性と利便性を実現させました。一切の加飾を排しロングライフ商品を目指して開発しましたミクロチタンシリーズです




レンズを一点で保持することで、レンズをフレームの拘束から解放。 視界がフレームに妨げられるストレスを無くしました。





Minimally designed eyeglass frame series made of beta titan requiring sophisticated metalworking based on the excellent processing technology of Sabae, Fukui

Ultimate minimal design composed of line elements like unicursal drawing with no face elements. The design is light, strong, and kind to the skin because of the swaging, bending, and pressing of the difficult-to-process beta titan through many trials and errors. An original lens retention method (keeping at one point) has been developed to reduce the hindering of vision due to the frame. A more open, sensuous, and beautiful form has been completed. Open vision Lens keeping at one point to reduce the hindering of vision due to the frame.

Keeping lenses at one point

Keeping lenses to one point releases them from the frame. There is no stress and vision is not hindered.

Pursuing wear comfort

Doughnut-shaped temple tips with moderate cushioning characteristics gently fit the ears

Beta titan

Elasticity of the beta titan prevents the frame from being damaged when folded

  • Year : 2012
  • Category : Design Division
  • Client : Paris Miki Inc.