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Foam hand soap dispenser

Design Division|2012

電動ソープディスペンサー エレフォーム

Foam hand soap dispenser



Shape making hand washing second nature

The dispenser automatically discharges foaming soap when the hands reach out. Automatic discharging reduces the risk of cross-contamination. This lets you wash your hands hygienically. The shape of the protruding nozzle leaves a large space for the hand to enter and ensure that the foam is received. Soap can be replenished from the optional soap bottle or pouch. Compared to a specification where a dedicated single-use bottle is purchased and disposed of when empty, it reduces waste and costs. This product makes it possible to ensure basic sanitation and hand washing by considering sanitation, usability, environment, and cost.

  • Year : 2012
  • Category : Design Division
  • Client : Saraya Co.,Ltd.