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Food Wrap Case

Design Division|2014


Food Wrap Case




Good Design Award 2015
Good Design Award 2020(アルミホイルケース)

A wrap case designed for comfort.

This wrapping case is easy for women to grip with one hand. It is easy to cut with a simple grip, and is designed with safety in mind to prevent injury if your fingers touch the cutting area. The magnets on the main body allow it to be securely attached to refrigerators and other places. This product is designed to be compatible with the standard size 30cm food wraps produced by food wrap manufacturers, and at the same time, it is environmentally friendly by selling refillable wraps with simple packaging to reduce the disposal of packages with blades.

We focused on a case size that is easy for women to grip, and repeatedly verified the operability of the case, including the opening angle suitable for opening and closing with one hand, the optimal weight, and the finger grip at the bottom and the tip of the cover. The design is simple, yet combines ergonomics with iconic spiral sides. In addition, the structure of the cutting section has been improved for safety, as well as for next time use, with measures to prevent the wrap from rewinding and the wrap from sticking to the body and losing sight of the tip, to ensure comfort of use.
A short type plastic wrap case and aluminum foil case have also been developed as part of the series.

Good Design Award 2015
Good Design Award 2020(Aluminum foil case)


  • Year : 2014
  • Category : Design Division