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DIV Stand ”feel”

Design Division|2010


DIV Stand ”feel”




Kids Design Award 2010  受賞
Good Design Award 2010  受賞

A medical tool that takes into account the psychology of patients

A stand for IV therapy in hospitals. It is designed with hospitality in mind, utilizing warm wood. The hook plate at the top can easily hang up to four IV bottles. The center of gravity of the IV bottles is brought to the pole side to reduce swaying when walking and reduce the risk of falling. The handle can be grasped from all directions and has a non-slip shape to ensure that patients and caregivers can walk safely. A slit is provided for the infusion pump to avoid route errors. The PA twin-wheel casters are designed to hide the casters to protect them from contamination by drugs, etc. The twin-wheel casters do not easily catch dust or hair, and the running sound is quiet. The PA twin-wheel casters can be used for safe traveling over steps and for total disinfection.

Compared to conventional stainless steel IV rods, the wood design and color combination gives a warm feeling and reduces the psychological negative impact when walking around the hospital. The kid’s board can be used not only as a privacy protection to hide the infusion, but also as a play and communication tool to support a positive attitude toward treatment. As for the benefits for medical personnel, handles with a slit design for infusion pumps, easy-to-use hooks, equipment management, and easy maintenance contribute to improved work efficiency. In fact, the project was planned after verifying various scenes in the hospital under the advice of medical professionals. We designed the product. Most of the medical instruments are made of metal for disinfection and durability, but this time we focused on psychological support for patients, and decided on a warm wooden stand. In addition, by making it possible to combine various colors according to the patient’s age, gender, and medical subject, we have achieved expandability that is not limited to infants. From a functional standpoint, the medical environment has also been improved with height-adjustable handles and IV hooks designed for easy application of IV fluids, in consideration of procedure efficiency and usability.

  • Year : 2010
  • Category : Design Division
  • Client : Medidea