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Brace cover series “MEDA”

Design Division|2018


Brace cover series “MEDA”







New Possibilities for Structural Members

The brace cover series expands the possibilities of braces as a design element by covering braces, which are originally building structural members used in enclosed spaces or at high elevations, with safety in mind to enable their use in open spaces. A snap-fit system is used for installation, making it easy to install even with one hand. The simple shape with only the logo imprinted on it makes it a highly versatile design that can be adapted to a wide variety of buildings.

PP hinge for easy installation
PP hinges are used for the cover body to improve workability and productivity.

Mounting method to prevent falling off
Since the brace acts as a cushioning material for the structure during earthquakes, it is prevented from falling off in the event of a disaster by sandwiching the screw part, which has a low deformation ratio.

Drain hole for cleanliness
A drain hole is provided to prevent rainwater from accumulating and becoming unsanitary when the product is used outdoors.

  • Year : 2018
  • Category : Design Division
  • Client : Furusato Industries