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Step Stool lucano

METAPHYS Division|2009

ステップツール ルカーノ

Step Stool lucano




Evolution from a step stool as a tool

Generally, when not in use, a step stool is often stored somewhere hidden, and since it is not small in size, finding a place to store is a trouble. Metaphys lucano Three Step is a step stool with a top frame that is designed to blend in with the interior design by changing the way of thinking so that it can be shown rather than hidden when not in use. It is designed for safe working and climbing up and down in high places by grasping the handle. This model is also available in a series, and uses the same parts as the two-step Metaphys lucano step stool to create a three-step type with even greater safety while maintaining the same form.

  • Year : 2009
  • Category : METAPHYS Division
  • Client : METAPHYS + Hasegawa Kogyo Co., Ltd.