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Seawater Desalination Device MYZ α-4

Design Fund Division|2020

小型海水淡水化装置 MYZ(ミズ) α-4

Seawater Desalination Device MYZ α-4












Good Design Award ベスト100受賞
Design Intelligence Award 受賞

Portable and inexpensive small seawater desalination Device


The MYZ series is a seawater desalination plant that applies patented reverse osmosis membrane containment technology that can filter well water contaminated with heavy metals, etc., and turn it into drinking water. It is smaller and less expensive than conventional large and expensive plant equipment. This product is directly contributing to the world’s water problems by expanding its use to places where there is no infrastructure, including installation on ships and permanent installation on remote islands.

Purify water to a level that can be used as drinking water

Patented Reverse Osmosis Containment Technology By applying the patented reverse osmosis membrane containment technology, it is now possible to filter well water contaminated with seawater and heavy metals, etc., and turn it into delicious drinking water that meets the water quality requirements of the Water Supply Law set by the Ministry of Health and Welfare, even if the equipment is downsized.

Designed to accommodate water intake and drainage hoses

In previous models, the hose could not be stowed and had to be carried separately from the main unit, making it difficult to transport by one person. Now that the auxiliary components can be stored, it is possible to mount it on a ship or return it to a harsh site.

Control panel to guide the user

By placing all the controls in one place, we have achieved batch operation, and the affordance graphics that guide the user make the control panel easy to use for everyone.

Mobility design for single-person transport

Unlike conventional installed models, this model uses a carrying cart system with wheels so that it can be moved to wherever it is needed. Load balance has been taken into consideration to enable transport by one person.

Good Design Award Best 100
Design Intelligence Award

  • Year : 2020
  • Category : Design Fund Division
  • Client : Y’s Global Vision