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Echizen knife series “iiza”

Produce Division|2015


Echizen knife series “iiza”


iizaとは、良い座(集まり)の意味を表し、新たな技術を追求し続けることで生み出される高品質な「素材」、歴史に裏打ちされた確かな技法を受け継ぐ「製造」、世界のマーケットへ目を向けた「流通」が一つにまとまり、越前の伝統技術と地域資源を世界へと発信する地場産業コンソーシアム構築プロジェクトです。 本プロジェクトでは、伝統的な越前打刃物の確かな技術と品質に、現代生活に合った実用性と美しさを兼ね備えたデザインを融和させることで、長く愛着を持って使用することができる「最高の道具」としての越前打刃物を提案していきます。


越前市は、古くから越前の国の国府が置かれ、北陸地方の政治・経済・文化の中心地として栄えてきました。平安時代には、紫式部が生涯でただ一度、多感な少女時代を過ごした地です。また継体天皇が祀られる岡太神社、桜と紅葉の名所の花筺公園など、歴史や文化、自然に富んだ地域です。 産業では、越前打ち刃物や越前和紙、越前指物など、多くの伝統産業から最新の先端技術産業に至るまで幅広い産業が集積する「ものづくり都市」として力強く発展を続けています。



“iiza” ロゴマーク

越前ブランドプロダクツコンソーシアム”iiza”では、越前打刃物の精神を司る千代鶴国安の「狛犬」と、職人から職人へと受け継がれた火造り鍛造の技法を表す「火の鳥」が融合したブランドロゴマークを採用しています。 このマークには、これまでも、そしてこれからも続いていく越前打刃物の歴史を見守る象徴となって欲しいという越前打刃物に関わる人々の願いが込められています。

Echizen Hammered Blade Series

iiza” means a good gathering, and it is a project to build a consortium of local industries that unites high-quality “materials” produced through the continuous pursuit of new technologies, “manufacturing” that inherits reliable techniques backed by history, and “distribution” that focuses on the global market and disseminates Echizen’s traditional technologies and local resources to the world. This is a project to build a consortium of local industries. In this project, we will propose Echizen cutlery as “the best tool” that can be used with attachment for a long time, by integrating the reliable techniques and quality of traditional Echizen cutlery with practicality and beauty in design that suits modern life.

Echizen City, a city where tradition lives on

Echizen City has been home to the national government of Echizen Province since ancient times, and has prospered as the political, economic, and cultural center of the Hokuriku region. In the Heian period , Murasaki Shikibu spent her sensitive girlhood here for the only time in her life. The area is also rich in history, culture, and nature, with Okamoto Shrine, where Emperor Tsugeta is enshrined, and Kakyou Park, famous for its cherry blossoms and autumn leaves. In terms of industry, the area continues to develop strongly as a “manufacturing city” where a wide range of industries, from traditional industries such as Echizen hammered cutlery, Echizen washi paper, and Echizen Woodworking Technology to the latest cutting-edge technology industries, are concentrated.

Echizen Hammered Blade, a Traditional Craft

Echizen cutlery is said to have originated 700 years ago during the Nanboku-cho period , when a Kyoto sword smith named Chiyotsuru Kuniyasu began making swords and agricultural blades such as sickles in the former Takefu (now Echizen City). Kuniyasu is said to have carved guardian dogs with a whetstone and sunk them in a well every time he made a sword. Kuniyasu is said to have carved a guardian dog with a whetstone and dipped it in a well every time he made a sword, expressing his wish as a craftsman that the sword should not be a weapon for killing people, but a symbol of the samurai. This spirit has been handed down to modern Echizen Uchihamono craftsmen in the form of “making the best tools” rather than weapons to kill people. Echizen cutlery produced by the hands of these craftsmen is a local industry that produces the highest quality cutlery by passing on the traditional technique of “fire forging” nurtured by a solid history to the present day.

The “iiza” logo
The Echizen Brand Products Consortium “iiza” has adopted a brand logo that combines the “guardian dogs” of Chiyotsuru Kuniyasu, who govern the spirit of Echizen cutlery, and the “firebird,” which represents the fire forging technique passed down from craftsman to craftsman. This logo represents the wish of the people involved in Echizen Uchihamono that it will become a symbol that watches over the history of Echizen Uchihamono, which has been and will continue to be passed down from generation to generation.
  • Year : 2015
  • Category : Produce Division
  • Client : Echizen knife series “iiza”