TOKYO METROPOLITAN ART MUSEUM  New Traditional craft Produce Project

In Tokyo, 41 items have been specified as traditional crafts. These items flourished in the Edo period and have been cultivated for many years with techniques and souls. However, while time has changed drastically, many crafts faced hardships and looked for new ways. Meanwhile, Tokyo’s culture and design caught the attention of the world. Japanese designers interested in traditional crafts are increasing annually. In Tokyo Crafts & Design, traditional artisans who need an idea for a new product for a modern lifestyle and designers who know the attraction of crafts and want to take advantage of their ideas and designs collaborate to create new traditional crafts. The artisans and designers have developed products while increasing mutual understanding. A specialist team composed of art directors, curators, and intellectual property advisors follow along. As a result, beautiful museum products have been completed as the future traditions. From the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum to Japan and on to the world. We want you to experience the new possibilities of traditional crafts. (From the Tokyo Crafts & Design catalog)

Link handwork of beautiful Tokyo to the future

Tokyo’s traditional crafts were inherited from the Edo period to the present day. Instead of protecting the techniques blindly, they should lead from the viewpoint of designers so that they progress in accordance with contemporary culture. We think the chemical reaction between artisans and designers begins at that point. At Tokyo Crafts & Design, we solicit artisans involved in traditional crafts in Tokyo. Designers created their designs based on the artisans’ techniques published on the website. We set a period in which they recognized feasible works through experience and exchange, for example through a tour of workshops of artisans who sought a match. Then, artisans created prototypes according to the design plans. Through the process of commercialization, selected products were exhibited and sold as a Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum Original Product in October 2012. We expect this new business to generate a new movement in Tokyo with traditional artisans’ techniques and designers’ viewpoints.
Art Director/ Chiaki Murata(From the Tokyo Crafts & Design catalog)

  • sample
    Lacquered glass paper weight

    Designer /  Hideko Fujimoto(Professor of Kyoto City University of Arts )
    Craftsman /  Tatsuaki Hirota 

  • sample
    - yuu-
    Designer / Nagomi   
    Craftsman / Shinichi Kawakatsu 
  • sample
    Komon handkerchief
    Designer /  Yuko Minamide
    Craftsman / Atsuhi Tomita 
  • sample
    Paper Weight - Moire
    Designer / Takuma Kawamoto
    Craftsman / SHUSEKI Ⅲ Toru Horiguchi 


  • sample
    Wood carving Loupe
    Designer /  Sumito Watanabe (Product Designer)
    Craftsman / Souun Watanabe (a sculptor of Buddhist images)
  • sample
    Tokyo cabochon
    Designer /  Mai Murata (Jewelry designer/ Metal artists)
    Craftsman / Hiroshi Hatakeyama  (Tokyo Cloisonne craftsman)
  • sample
    Kiriko ring
    Designer / YOH KOMIYAMA (Interior Product Designer)
    Craftsman / SHUSEKI Ⅲ Toru Horiguchi
  • sample
    mixed pendant
    Designer /  Natsuko Minegishi 
    Craftsman / Kishio Katayama
  • sample
    Honto no kimochi
    Designer  / Hayato Takenaka ・ Yoshimi Ikudo
    Craftsman / Kenichiro Izumi
  • sample
    Tortoise shell book marker
    Designer / Naoko Hirota
    Craftsman / Kengo Osawa