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hyakunen monogatari-2013

Niigata Industrial Creation Organization(NICO)


Hyakunen Monogatari Year of the Snake

Hyakunen Monogatari is a global brand jointly promoted by companies and workshops in Niigata Prefecture and the Niigata Industrial Creation Organization, an external body of Niigata Prefecture. In a project that started in 2003, one design manager specified every year produces companies and designers, develops a model within the year, and presents collections. Receiving attention from many domestic and overseas media, the brand is highly rated and has received a variety of design awards, such as the Good Design Award and Asia Design Award. Under the basic theme of tools to enjoy and keep as part of the living culture that should be cherished for 100 years in order to create the next generation culture, so products of low-volume production, personal order, and long life are continuously proposed instead of mass produced goods for mass consumption

2013 (Year of the snake) Project concept  
Tools for a refined gentleman


  • sample
    鬼丸 / 黒刀

    Company               マルナオ株式会社
    Design              福田 隆宏
    Material            スネークウッド / 黒檀
    Surface treatment             磨き仕上げ

  • sample
    WANDANA Card cases

    Company                 新潟漆器株式会社
    Design                 佐藤圭太
    Material              ヴァルカナイズド・ファイバー
    Surface treatment          漆塗り
  • sample
    AvanWood Series メガネケース

    Company                ストーリオ株式会社
    Material             カエデ、クルミ、ケヤキ、革
    Surface treatment        染色、ウレタン塗装 
  • sample
    Free From

    Company              小千谷織物同業協同組合
    Designer          山本和貴
    Material           麻100%
    Surface treatment       手シボ


  • sample
    My Top + My Bottoms

    Company  / ao,inc.
    Designer / Masako Kubo /Tomoki Kikuchi
    Material / Gauze
  • sample

    Company  / ECHIGO-KAMEGONYA FUJIOKA Dying-factory
    Design  / Ayumi Fujioka
    Material  / Cotton 100%
  • sample
    Prince Foot Care Set

    Company    / Prince Kogyo Co.,Ltd.
    Design   / Mitsunobu Hagino /Nobuo Takano
    Material / Stainless steel
    Surface treatment  /Metallic luster polish and blasting
  • sample
    Slit line

    Company  / SUWADA Blacksmith Works,Inc.
    Design           Wataru Matsuzaka / Kaori Kobayashi / Tatsuro Miura
    Material / Stainless steel
    Surface treatment /Metallic luster polish
  • sample

    Company  / Maruto Hasegawa Kosakujo Inc.
    Design  / Shunsuke Nakamura
    Material / Stainless steel
    Surface treatment /Mirror finish
  • sample
    Coffee collection

    Company / Gyokusendo Co.,Ltd.
    Material / Copper
    Surface treatment / Coated with tin

  • sample

    Company / NOMURA MOKKOU Co.,Ltd.
    Design / Yasushi Nomura
    Material  /  Walnut・Japanese Beech
    Surface treatment   / Oil finish
  • sample

    Company  / FD. Inc.
    Design  /  Mitsunobu Hagino
    Material / Stainless steel
    Surface treatment  / Silicon paint