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Design Div.

By conducting workshop where all related departments gather in the beginning to define a direction of the developing product, the success rate for the project would dramatically improve as it ensures the participants to understand the project as his/her own responsibility and it strengthens communication with other departments. Also, the workshop is the most effective instrument to avoid back tracking of the project.

Designing work

Product designing for “market-in”

Hers places high value on “pre-design”, which is a stage prior to the designing work. In the “pre-design” stage, the most appropriate means is chosen from orientations or hearings to explore development direction, or workshops participated by all related departments, depending on the term and request, to pursue interactive designing work.


Total designing to produce products

Product planning designs by applied development of materials and technologies

It is designing work that applies the materials and technologies studied in universities and corporations to product development in light of market needs.

Designing work to create regionality

It is designing work that activates the local collaborative associations and related corporations mainly for the regional industries by developing new products as well as by“branding”.

Product planning design for METAPHYS participating corporations

METAPHYS is a design brand that Hers Experimental Design Laboratory, Inc. develops its designs and “branding”, and it consists of a number of partner corporations that sympathize with the brand concept. Hers undertakes designing and producing of all products. The products are developed based on the core competence of each corporation.