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Hers Experimental Design Laboratory engaged in a solution business where we help to solve a variety of problems with our design. Our company is divided into 3 sections; Design Section that accepts design work for a project, Chiaki Murata Section that mainly undertakes producing and consulting, and Consortium Brand METAPHYS Section that is shared by multiple corporations of various business categories. With the 3 Sections working together, we serve our clients according to their purpose.

hers design consept

Design for human behavior

This is a problem solving method that Hers has originally developed. In this method, we share information for how people are likely to behave in a circumstance in the specified time flow, with the people in and out of the corporation through workshop, and not only figure out the product design but also find out problems hidden in the circumstance (defects, bugs). We consider that the best solution for the problem is the answer for how the product should best serve consumers.


The idea of Hers

– Design and creation of value of sensibility – is that the sense of value that should be pursued in the future manufacturing in Japan is not the conventional product value that is defined by the feature and the price, but the “value of sensibility”. The value of sensibility becomes visible by engaging users’ sense and in return getting thrill and sympathy of the users. We reexamine the background of the clients and the products as well as their thoughts for the philosophy, history, and technology, and provide design to embody the mechanism that links a maker and a user with thrill and sympathy.


Design process in overhead view style

We always have an overhead view of an entire project to include all possibilities in perspective, and understand the boundary-less flow and relationship beyond genre, such as stakeholders involved in the project and developing environment so that we are able to propose not only the exterior design of the product but more overall design solution.


SR Design

Hers wishes that our design works have appropriate approach to the earth and the community. We propose various SR designs such as to practice ecological and sustainable product development and manufacturing as well as development of distribution system, and support the clients’ CSR activities (image improvement). Hers is actively involved in social design activities by holding social enlightenment events such as eco-design networking, eco-products design competitions, and social design conferences, as well as by getting involved in regionality creation project.


Flow of design works

Hers puts high value on the pre-design, which is a stage prior to designing shapes and features.
By conducting workshop where all related departments gather in the beginning to define a direction of the developing product, the success rate for the project would dramatically improve as it ensures the participants to understand the project as his/her own responsibility and it strengthens communication with other departments. Also, the workshop is the most effective instrument to avoid back tracking of the project.

Hers’s idea is that all solutions to be arrived are hidden in the participating members. The purpose is to develop the most attractive products by drawing and establishing opinions and ideas from the related departments and from their perspectives with Hers serving as a catalyst.



    In many cases, corporations, regional communities, and even project itself are in a situation where various factors and issues are entangled making it hard to see the original value.

  • Conversation & Discovery

    Conversation & Discovery

    We nail down the core competence while having dialogues and find a message to be expressed from there. At the same time, we sort out stakeholders and coordinate an environment for the project.

  • Behavior design

    Behavior design

    Simulating various scenes, we find the solution for the project by using “design for human behavior” or a behavior observation method to verify involvement of human in objects or vice versa.

  • Minimalize design

    Minimalize design

    In order to emphasize the found message, we chip off branches and leaves (side issues) once for minimalizing and iconic designing.

  • Visualize design

    Visualize design

    We do visualization work to communicate the solution to a third party.

  • Realize design

    Realize design:具現化のプロセス

    We are now transferred to a situation where the original value is clearly visible. This is where we advance to the realization process.