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2016 TOTT×METAPHYS Project recital
2015 iiza Japanese style knife series / iF design Award 2015
  METAPHYS lucano ladder/ iF design Award 2015
  METAPHYS patis German Design Award 2015
  Published"Mondaikaiketu ni kiku koi no design shiko ho"(behavior design thinking ,which works for problem-solving) (CCC Media house).
  Beijing Design Week  -- Lecture and METAPHYS Exhibition store--
  Sebanz series Renewal
  Medidea Div stand "feel"   JIDA DESIGN MUSEUM SELECTION vol.16 
  Published book “Textbook of Social Design”
  "METAPHYS lucano 3step" received IF Design Award
  Rotating Bending Fatigue Testing Machine "GIGA QUAD" received Good Design Award Best100
  Div stand "feel" has got elected to "JAPANESE DESIGN TODAY 100"
Has made a presentation at travelling exhibition in US, Canada and Venezuela
2013 Released "METAPHYS stamug"
  Annouced new products from "Hyakunen monogatari" and hosted talk show
  Joined panel discussion at "SCAD style" in Hong Kong
  Holded "Chiaki Murata exhibition" at Taipei design center
  "METAPHYS lucano 3step", belt conveyor "SV series", clip file "EXCELLENT", Plastic Bottle Compressor "PET & ECO", mobile phone booth "BODYPHON" and "TOKYO CRAFTS & DESIGN" received GOOD DESIGN AWARD
  Holded "Chiaki Murata exhibition" at Taichung Cultural & Creative Industries Park
  Stacking tin ware for sake "METAPHYS suiu" received Asia Design Award ‘Grand Award’
  "METAPHYS lucano 3step" received German Design Award ‘Winner Award’
  Released "METAPHYS patis"
  Designed booth for consortium company Osaka Suzuki Co., LTD. at "Interior Life Style Show"
Set a closed space to express view of the world
Served Sake to guests in order to show the material of Tin at the counter
  Made a presentation at "Tokyo international gift show" Announced "suiu", "feuille bowl" and "cuna".
2011 Made a presentation at "JAPAN: Tradition. Innovation exhibition" in National Gallery of Canada.
  Closed Office in Tokyo as a part of management rationalization
  Made a presentation at "ISOT 2011"
  Released "METAPHYS haku"
  Started Social design institute (SDI) program in Kyoto University of Art & Design
  Made a presentation at "International Gift show 2011"
  Completed "METAPHYS HOUSE"
2010 Made a presentation at Ambiente 2010 "TSUNAGU CONNECT TO JAPAN DESIGN"
  Released "METAPHYS bagel"
  Holded seminar and workshop about sensitivity design in Takamatsu
  Made a presentation at "Milano Salone"
  Made an alliance with the distributor "CREATIFE" and opened METAPHYS showroom in Beijing
  Hosted seminar and event for METAPHYS promotion at Ullens Center for Contemporary Art (UCCA)
  Made a presentation at "ISOT 2010"
  Made a presentation at GOOD DESIGN EXPO 2010
Sewing Machine "YM82 series", Water filter device "CHP-06ER", Div Stand "feel", ECHIZEN JAPAN Kitchen Knives series, glasses "MEAPHYS uqu", Step stool "METAPHYS lucano 3step", "METAPHYS cortina" and bicycle "METAPHYS movos" received GOOD DESIGN AWARD
  Moved METAPHYS Tokyo-showroom from Design center in Gotanda to SOHO building in Odaiba.
  Made a presentation for " METAPHYS lucano" at "MAISON&OBJET" "METAPHYS susuki" received "deco design award"
  Released "METAPHYS gekka"
  Made a presentation at "DESIGN Yuryo Kansai" in Osaka
  Chiaki Murata received Asia Designer Award ‘Grand Prix’
  Made a presentation for "METAPHYS hono" at JAPAN EXPERIENCE exhibition project
  METAPHYS uqu received Asia Design Award ‘Gold Award’
2009 Made a presentation at SOZO_COMM
  Released "METAPHYS tronc"
  Made a presentation at Milano Salone GOOD DESIGN JAPAN DESIGN SELECTION
  Made a presentation for METAPHYS
"susuki", "hono" and "uzu" at Kansei Kachi sozo museum in NY
  Made a presentation at ISOT 2009
Displayed many prototype in addition to bag series "METAPHYS maisonette"
  "METAPYS maisonette" and 3D Measuring Laser Microscope "LEXT OLS4000" received GOOD DESIGN AWARD
  Holded exhibition "Kansei Kachi sozo museum in Kobe"
  Made a presentation at "Connect to Japan" in Shanghai
  Made a presentation at "IFFT 2009"
2008 Made a presantation at "AMBIENTE sozo_com exhibition"
  Released "METAPHYS ladd"
  Made a presentation at "Interior life style"
  Made a presentation at "ISOT 2008"
  Released "METAPHYS susuki"
  Made a presentation for "METAPHYS susuki" at ELECTRICAL FANTASISTA 2008
  Holded exhibition "Design of behavior -methodology and practice for METAPHYS-" at Ginza Tokyu hands inc
  "METAPHYS locus 3way pen" and "METAPHYS 2mm lead holder pen" received GOOD DESIGN AWARD of small and medium enterprises "METAPHYS susuki" and "METAPHYS viss" received GOOD DESIGN AWARD
  Released "METAPHYS blanc"
  Made a presentation at Kansei Japan Design Exhibition in Paris
2007 Made a presentation at KATACHI exhibition that had been holded for four months at Museum feur Angewandte Kunst Frankfurt.
  Made a presentation at 100% Design London 2007
  Made a presentation at 100% Design Tokyo Received "TOKYO DESIGN PREMIO"Award
  Launched METAPHYS website in Korean
*Now temporary closed
  Released "METAPHYS brillo"
  Shutter guard and magazine stand "METAPHYS ladd" received GOOD DESIGN AWARD
2006 Holded "Design of behavior exhibition" at Osaka Exchange,Inc.
  Appeared METAPHYS "node" in design TV program "New Design Paradise"
  Released planter series "picture" and "factory", desk tray "soto, volca, lago", board game "celtis" from METAPHYS
  Massage chair "MEDICALCHAIR ROBOSTIC FMC-6000", video game console "Xbox 360", tape cutter "METAPHYS escargot", desk tray "METAPHYS soto, volca, lago"and board game "METAPHYS celtis" received GOOD DESIGN AWARD
  Made a presentation at GOOD DESIGN PRESENTATION
2005 Announced electric candle "hono" and planter series "picture" and "factory"
  Holded "Chiaki Murata Exhibition" at Tokyo design center.Announced starting up METAPHYS at a press conference.
  Released "Microsoft Xbox360"
  METAPHYS made a presentation at Ambiente.Started international sales of METAPHYS products.
  Kiteplane RESQUE 1.0, Blood Pressure Monitor "HEM-7000", Coffee Machine "CAFÉ-TRONE CTB-210", METAPHYS partition "falce", METAPHYS "picture" "factory" series, ,METAPHYS "kion", METAPHYS "uzu", METAPHYS "uros" and METAPHYS "hono" received GOOD DESIGN AWARD
2004 First announced Metaphys at OZONE.
Announced planter series "picture" and "factory"
  Developed Blood Pressure Monitor for OMRON healthcare Co., Ltd, that was first project of using the way of user observation "Design behavior".
  Blood Pressure Monitor "SPOT ARM" and SWM 600 got GOOD DESIGN AWARD
2003 Cell phone "au A5305K" received GOOD DESIGN AWARD
2002 received GOOD DESIGN AWARD
2001 3-Dimensions Shock Accelerometer TG-301 received Good Design Award ‘Gold Award’
2000 FlashGate DUAL receibed GOOD DESIGN AWARD
  Solidaudio SD-1 received GOOD DESIGN AWARD
1999 Developed Solidaudio SD-1
1996 Digital score countor received GOOD DESIGN AWARD (Taihei corporation, Yamamoto takkyu Co., Ltd. and Myojo gum Kogyo Co., Ltd.)
1995 Designed current office by Chiaki Murata Design
1991 Turned hers design inc into independent administrative entities
  Moved company into Life science center building in Senri-chuo
1987 Put on a solo exhibition `Fetish design exhibition'
1986 Founded hers design inc.
  The name of the company is derived from the name of the prototype of audio for women Chiaki Murata first designed.
1984 Built experimental laboratory in ministorage.Started designing a stone audio and cement stationery.
  Appeared in the design magazine `Domus'